TRIBUTE TO DR. PENEPENT: note that this website remains as a tribute to Dr. Penepent, after his fatal accident in 2006. For help with health issues, using the same no-drugs methods, "natural hygiene, diet, fasting & healthy living" - please contact Dr. Stanley S. Bass -
natural healing & rejuvenation via diet
Anthony J. Penepent, M.D.

  Don't ever give up hope!

Nutritional methods can be miraculously successful!
No need for expensive surgery, no need for drugs, no need for difficult tests.
No need for pain, or toxic damage.
INTERVIEW WITH DR. PENEPENT - early learning about drug-less methods
QUOTE: "The first case I remember of Dr. Cursio's was a wealthy man, who had Parkinson's disease in the early stages. He was about 65 years old. Dr. Cursio put him on a nutritional plan, and after about 9 months to a year he became better. The Parkinson's was corrected, there was no longer any signs of it. He began to feel so much better that he remarried and had a baby." Read more here
Save money with drugless methods
QUOTE: "We are spending trillions of dollars a year on so called "health care" in the USA; this is actually "disease care". We could cut that down to a fraction if we used Natural Hygiene methods." Continued here
Yes, it is possible to reverse endometriosis via a specialized nutritional program!

Endometriosis is not difficult to successfully reverse.
If the wrong methods are used, it can be very difficult, yes - but not with a Natural Hygiene nutritional program.
The second case I treated, with great success, after getting out of medical school, was a young woman with endometriosis. Read more here

Yes, it is possible to overcome infertility with nutritional methods!

Try Dr. Penepent's program with all your enthusiasm and keep a positive attitude, and soon enough, achieve a healthy pregnancy !
Thank you Dr. Penepent !

Janice G., New York

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