TRIBUTE TO DR. PENEPENT:   After his fatal accident in 2006, this website remains as a tribute to Dr. Penepent. For help with health issues, using the same no-drugs methods, mainly "diet, fasting & healthy living" - please contact Dr. Stanley S. Bass -
natural healing & rejuvenation via diet
Anthony J. Penepent, M.D.

  Don't ever give up hope!

Nutritional methods can be miraculously successful!
No need for expensive surgery, no need for drugs, no need for difficult tests.
No need for pain, or toxic damage.
Endometriosis is not very difficult to treat. If the wrong methods are used, it can be very difficult, yes - but not with a Natural Hygiene nutritional program.

The second case I treated, after getting out of medical school in 1981, was a young woman with endometriosis. She was 28 years old and the doctors wanted to do a total hysterectomy and take out her ovaries, so she would be free of pain. She wanted to bear children.

With her, I started out by fasting her on only water for 5 days, and then put her on an advanced diet - a hygienic nutritional plan. Within 5 days of fasting the pain went away. She followed through with the whole nutritional program, which is designed to re-build health, and is different for each patient. This woman went on to have 3 children.

Endometriosis can be very painful for women, and I have had many cases.

If the woman is pre-cancerous, it is difficult to get full resolution. One case I couldn't help, she was pre-cancerous, and I couldn't do much with her. Cancer can be a very tough disease to treat. But even this case, where she didn't get complete resolution of her pain, half the pain was mitigated by natural hygiene.

A.J. Penepent, MD

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