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Is it at all possible to use drugs with this program of bedrest and fluids?

No, these are two methods that are totally incompatible. You can kill patients by giving drugs when they are detoxifying. If somebody wants drugs, I will send them to a licensed MD who uses them.

Diseases are intended by the body to detoxify and re-align. If people get the flu and follow my instructions - if they have other maladies - they might find that they have also melted away. If they try to mix natural hygiene with allopathy, they may die. You cannot mix these two modalities.

How do allopathy and Natural Hygiene disagree?

Natural Hygiene uses body cycles to let the disease go to conclusion, i.e. through detoxification and re-nutrition achieve a higher state of health. Microbes chew up poisons in the blood, so they can be broken down further by the detoxicative organs, e.g. the kidneys, the liver, and the lymphatics

Allopathy instead tries to suppress symptoms. It will use a drug to stimulate a tissue like the kidney, or to block other tissue action, or use beta-blockers in heart disease to slow down the heart. Allopathy uses both suppression of tissue function, and stimulation, with medications. It uses select poisons, to extinguish bacterial & fungal infection with antibiotics; an immunologic process is short-circuited, and a detoxificative process is blocked.

Allopathy has nothing for "bird flu" right now, they don't know what to do. They have anti-viral drugs, that would decrease viral number. There have been deaths from tamiflu in children, as reported on TV news. As I said before, if the flu has the capacity to mutate, a vaccine is worthless.
Links: 4 out of 5 patients treated with Tamiflu in Vietnam died

What is the difference?

Hygiene and allopathy are diametrically opposed, because Natural Hygiene is trying to detoxify, and allopathy is introducing toxins. So these are two modalities that are not compatible.

According to Natural Hygiene, you are blocking a detoxicative cycle by using antivirals. Organs could fail; you could have a heart attack; you could have kidney failure, anything is possible. A number of complications could occur.
When you drug the body, the poisons are going to accumulate, and you are going to set the stage for a serious disease like cancer, ten or twenty years from now.
Natural Hygiene is interested in allowing the cleansing cycle, so the body can go to a higher level of health.

What do you think of vaccines for the bird flu?

The present controversy is, number one, they can't produce enough of the vaccine, and number two, if you produce a vaccine, that doesn't mean that the vaccine will be appropriate if the flu hits. The influenza virus mutates rapidly. If they stock a lot of vaccine for the H5N1 virus, it might mutate, it might not be effective.

When I was a medical student, I was doing a preceptorship with a surgeon whose name was Dr. Burke in Fairfax, Virginia. He was 65, and it was about 30 years ago, so he may be dead by now. But, he took the vaccine for the flu, and later in the spring he was in bed for 30 days, sicker than a dog. He said, "I would never recommend the flu vaccine for anyone, because if you come down with the flu you are going to be very very sick."

The other thing they want to do is give anti-virals for the flu.
But, they are not sure if that is going to stop the spread of the flu, nor are they sure what the outcome is going to be. They are not sure. The health officials are not sure if that's going to be effective in stopping the spread of the flu.

Well, I disagree with the medical profession in this respect. The flu is not an infection, it is an "outfection", it is a cyclical event, where the body intent is to detoxify. There is nothing that's going to stop it. The poisons want to come out. The virus, the bacteria, whatever microorganisms may be, is like a homeopathic catalyst, a biologic catalyst to help the detoxification go ahead. These microorganisms assist in degrading poisons.

This is a natural hygienic viewpoint, and it is also a homeopathic viewpoint, because the homeopathic mind and the hygienic mind are not far apart. Hygiene and homeopathy are compatible, the two methods can be combined. They have essentially the same conception of health and disease. The early homeopathic theory was correct, but it was suppressed by the pharmaceuticals through the medical associations and societies, so homeopaths didn't get a chance to develop their science, but I expect it would have gone in the direction of hygiene. Yes, they give drugs in homeopathy, but, in minute dosages, like 1 part per million or billion. These drugs, if given in larger concentration, in a healthy person, would cause symptoms similar to the disease or disorder in the patient. This is Hahnemann's Law of Similars.

A homeopathic remedy is essentially water with a little bit of alcohol or sugar in it, that's all a homeopathic medication is. It acts like a boiling chip or catalyst that starts the reaction going to completion, so that the disease completes itself. Diseases are intended by the body to detoxify and re-align.
Placebos have their place too, because the mind is 50% of any cure. Even allopathic physicians admit to the placebo effect. I learned it in medical school. Every doctor knows that. With herbs, the same thing, placebo effect in large measure.

You cannot combine hygiene with allopathic medicine, because they are not compatible. Herbs are, many times, unrefined allopathic drugs.

What is the traditional treatment for flu?

The flu has traditionally been treated with bedrest and fluids. I would specify the fluids be natural. It can be as effective as fasting. Allopathy has used bedrest and fluids as the treatment for the flu in the past.
They have two problems:
  • Number 1: They don't have enough medications for the flu.
  • Number 2: They walked away from vaccination as a mean of preventing the spread of the flu.
    So the only thing they are left with is traditional bedrest and fluids. If they use the right fluids their patients would get better. As a hygienist, I don't believe that they should use anti-pyretics or antivirals, because this may stop the detoxification, leaving bloodborne poisons to target vital organs - e.g. heart, kidney, liver, lungs.

    Traditionally, when it comes to influenza (a viral illness), allopathic medicine has always used bedrest and fluids, because when it is a viral illness antibiotics are ineffective. The most drugs can do is suppress the reproduction of the virus. Any doctor you talk to will tell you that antibiotics are not appropriate for a viral infection. Any doctor will tell you that.

    But, also, remember a doctor is a businessman. If a patient comes in expecting an antibiotic, he is going to give one, or he is not going to have any business. Sure, patients will get antibiotics for viral infections, but that is not good medicine. That is a social thing. If it ever came to the pre-view of the medical board, he could lose his license. It is not appropriate. Sometimes practitioners, MDs or nurse practitioners, elevate drugs to a religion. They give drugs because it is part of their religious practice, not because it is scientifically indicated.

    For influenza, in my opinion, the proper practice is bedrest and fluids, it is the proper procedure now, and it always has been.

    I differ from standard medicine in this way: their idea of fluids is canned orange and grapefruit juices. No, I want fresh juices, and I don't want anything with too much sugar in it. I want freshly made celery juice, cucumber juice, carrot-celery juice, tomato- celery or tomato-cucumber juice; no more than 2 oz of carrot or 2 oz fresh tomato juice, per 8 oz drink,. Watermelon juice is low calorie to begin with, and children love it.

    Oh, yes, no anti-pyretics or anti-virals - no drugs - unless the patient is attended by a licensed physician. Personally, I would not give them.

    Hydration is very important when a patient has a fever. Children fight, they don't want to drink when they have a fever, but they've got to have fluid. Any patient that has fever has to have fluid! Any doctor will tell you that.


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    Mortality in 1918 was caused by the coal tar drugs,
    not the flu per se.
    That is - naturopaths, natural hygienists,
    chiropractors, herbologists, homeopaths, Christian Science practitioners
    had virtually
    zero mortality.

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