TRIBUTE TO DR. PENEPENT: note that this website remains as a tribute to Dr. Penepent, after his fatal accident in 2006. For help with health issues, using the same no-drugs methods, "natural hygiene, diet, fasting & healthy living" - please contact Dr. Stanley S. Bass -
natural healing & rejuvenation via diet
Anthony J. Penepent, M.D.

  Don't ever give up hope!

Nutritional methods can be miraculously successful!
No need for expensive surgery, no need for drugs, no need for difficult tests.
No need for pain, or toxic damage.

My name is Janice, and when I first decided to start a family, all my dreams were shattered, when I heard the news that it would be difficult for me to conceive.

I went through the usual infertility procedures, invitro, Gift, and hormone medicines that do not particular make you feel good. After many surgeries and a long struggle, God did bless our family with two healthy girls. After 3 years had passed, we yearned another child, but decided that the pain and heartache associated with shots and doctor visits and constant highs and lows was too much stress on our happy family.

We also had to consider the high cost of medical bills that we still had. We spend a total of $175,000.00 dollars between the two pregnancy's. Our medicine was about $3000.00 monthly for the shots alone. The first baby took a year to conceive with one surgery, but a lot of testing that year as well. I experienced painful tests and medicine that made you gain weight and not feel good. The second child came five years later, with 3 painful surgeries, but I didn't know any other way, so I carried on.

We regretfully came to the conclusion not to go through the drama of trying again the conventional doctor's way.

Soon after this family decision, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Penepent through a close friend. She had told me about his nutrition diet, and how through juicing and blended salads how much healthier one could feel. My husband and who were in very very good health to begin with, tried to imagine even feeling better and looking better than we already did. I mean who doesn't want to achieve optimum health and enjoy their life to the fullest ?

So after our first consultation with the doctor, he filled us in on the option of having another healthy pregnancy with his full plan of nutrition and juicing. The cost was low compared to what I spent in the past and it seemed quite painless,

I gave it a go, and after six weeks of juicing and cheese and nuts, and grains, and some fish, my husband and I conceived! We couldn't be happier, and went on to have another healthy baby girl ! I truly believe in his program and went on to tell many girl friends who have experienced infertility about him and his program.

If I could give any one advice on this matter, it would be to try Dr. Penepent's program with all your enthusiasm and keep a positive attitude, and soon enough, achieve a healthy pregnancy ! I think trying anything natural is always a better option. My third and last pregnancy was my healthiest and I felt great.

Thank you Dr. Penepent !
Janice Giardina, New York

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