TRIBUTE TO DR. PENEPENT:   After his fatal accident in 2006, this website remains as a tribute to Dr. Penepent. For help with health issues, using the same no-drugs methods, mainly "diet, fasting & healthy living" - please contact Dr. Stanley S. Bass -
natural healing & rejuvenation via diet
Anthony J. Penepent, M.D.

  Don't ever give up hope!

Nutritional methods can be miraculously successful!
No need for expensive surgery, no need for drugs, no need for difficult tests.
No need for pain, or toxic damage.


The International Nature Cure Society
Far too long, decades in fact, Nature Cure and its practitioners have lived in the shadow of Naturopathy, an alternative form of medicine. The time has come for NATURE CURE to be known in its own right

The International Natural Hygiene Society
We want to discuss, study and have fun developing Natural Hygiene philosophy and practices. We want to honor Dr. Shelton, Dr. Cursio and the old masters in Natural Hygiene.

British Natural Hygiene Society
The British Natural Hygiene Society tries to educate, discuss, research and inform about the causes of health and disease, & the theory of Natural Hygiene.

Houston Health Association
Natural Hygiene can teach you about detoxification, how drugs and toxins cause disease, about avoiding deficiencies, about maximizing your energy & more.


IAHP doctor list
Here is an international list of doctors certified in fasting and detox diets.

Dr. Stanley S. Bass
Dr. Bass has been a nutritional researcher & doctor since the 1950's in the New York area, supervising 30,000+ health recoveries using diet & fasting. He has a likely record of 1000+ personal fasts himself. He has published various books on topics of energy and nutrition.

Mind Your Body Retreat - Dr. Baylac
Let your body rejuvenate with raw juices or water fasting at Dr. Baylac's fasting, detoxification & meditation retreat. Enjoy rest & deep relaxation, learn new ideas and methods, and get help to recover from diseases using natural, mild and non-invasive methods. Also see

Raw Detox Retreat - Dr. Baylac
Mind Your Body & Mend Your Mind - Holistic Natural Residential Rehabilitation Programs for freedom from addiction to legal and illegal substances - drawing from Natural Hygiene, Behavioral and Psychodynamic therapy approaches, Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual practices.

Dr. Keki Sidhwa
Dr Sidhwa has never been complacent. He has never taken knowledge for granted. He has always attempted to seek, to investigate, to question. He has suffered much criticism for his vociferous opposition to the "curing superstition". Despite this he has earned an unusual respect from many of his disjoiners. Many of his essays were reprinted in Dr. Shelton's "Hygienic Review".

Dr. Paul A. Goldberg
The Goldberg Clinic utilizes a unique, effective, comprehensive, approach to chronic disease issues developed by Dr. Goldberg over the past 30+ years.

Dr. John Fielder
Our aim is to provide the ideal conditions, or as near as is practical, that will enable guests to achieve optimum health: pure air, pure water, sleep, wholesome food, exercise, sunshine, rest and relaxation.

Dr. Ralph Cinque
I try to offer everyone who comes here a restful and rejuvenating experience in a recuperative environment, and I hope that it will be the start of a new and better way of life for each of them.

The Royl Retreat
Our program is one of Natural Hygiene. We teach the proper elements of health so that you may take care of your own health for the rest of your life.

Dr. Scott's Natural Health Institute
Helping the body heal itself . Devoted to those who wish to improve their health through scientific, medically supervised fasting

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